Chris Waite

Scottish Mastering Engineer

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Chris's Approach

'I basically want to do right by the piece of music that's coming out over my speakers. I never want to change the vision of the artist or engineers involved before it got to me so much as get on board with what they are doing and do my best to further that.'

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A good mastering engineers will make your tracks work across many systems.

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From a third party whose job it is to listen to your music objectively and make informed decisions.

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We were delighted with Chris’s mastering work on our debut album. From his experience as a piper and folk guitarist Chris knew exactly how to capture the West Coast style we were looking for. Chris is passionate about his work and delivers a professional and efficient service. We would highly recommend Chris and will definitely use him again for future projects.
Colin Masterton
Chris's innate musicality and technical abilities helped realise our vision for the project. His input and approach reflected the energy of the band and was the last piece of the puzzle that shaped the album into how we wanted it to sound. We are grateful for working with Chris and would strongly recommend his skills. Legend!
Pons Aelius


South Lanarkshire, Scotland

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