About Chris

Chris has always been fascinated by sound and technology.

Growing up with a father who was into hifi systems he spent hours annoying his family tweaking the equalizer on the home stereo or car. As a teenager he attended a Music school where they had a recording studio on site.  Chris spent a great deal of free time, and sometimes homework time, exploring this.

Throughout his twenties Chris got more and more into audio.

Like many he recorded his bands, then bands his friends were in, then friends of friends bands and before he knew it he stumbled upon and issue.  His mixes weren’t loud enough and the demos he was recording at the time had no budget to go to a mastering engineer and so began his exploration into mastering.

The man behind the mask

When he's not mastering Chris enjoys long walks on the beach, playing the bagpipes and reading about sample rate conversion.

Snaps from the 'gram