Why master your tracks?

To make it sound better!  A good mastering engineers will make your tracks work across many systems from car and home stereos, radio and even cheap headphones…. A little.

To check for any faults (pops, clicks or distortions) and either advise or try and restore this.

The original role of a mastering engineer, which is still what some geniuses do, was to transfer the media to vinyl.

Today our transfer is typically a ddp image which is the standard for CD manufacture.  A ddp image contains metadata that will mean you can track where your music is being played and rather handy stuff like that.  Other formats of master can be delivered if required.

A fresh perspective

There are many positives to having your music mastered but the most valuable reason is the perspective of a third party whose job it is to listen to music objectively and make informed decisions.

The Style

Chris has worked on a range of styles of music and is fully understanding of the fact that you cannot treat a hardcore track the same way as a solo piano piece.

Enhance your music

I basically want to do right by the piece of music that's coming out over my speakers. I never want to change the vision of the artist or engineers involved before it got to me so much as get on board with what they are doing and do my best to further that

The Approach


Always intuitively knows how to bring my mixes into perfect focus.. a very trusted set of ears at the final stage of any album.
Angus Lyon
I am so glad I picked Chris to master my album ‘Read Me Write’, the level of communication was brilliant and he made a real effort in making sure it was 100 percent the sound I was going for! Thanks Chris!
Amy Papiransky